La Haine (1995)

"Saïd: Wow, what a speech! Half Moses, half Mickey Mouse."

"Hubert: Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: So far so good... so far so good... so far so good. How you fall doesn't matter. It's how you land!"

"Vinz: Who made you a preacher? You know what's right and wrong?
Why do you side with the assholes?
Who's the asshole? If you hate stayed in school,
you'd know that hate breeds hate, Vinz."

"Hubert: Bullshit! You pointed a gun at a cop! We coulda been killed!

Old Man: Nothing like a good shit! Do you believe in God? That's the wrong question.
Does God believe in us? I once had a friend called Grunwalski.
We were sent to Siberia together. When you go to a Siberian work camp, you travel in a cattle car. You roll across icy steppes for days, without seeing a soul. You huddle to keep warm. But it's hard to relieve yourself, to take a shit, you can't do it on the train, and the only time the train stops is to take on water for the locomotive.
But Grunwalski was shy, even when we bathed together, he got upset. I used to kid him about it. So, the train stops and everyone jumps out to shit on the tracks. I teased Grunwalski so much, that he went off on his own. The train starts moving, so everyone jumps on, but it waits for nobody. Grunwalski had a problem: he'd gone behind a bush, and was still shitting.
So I see him come out from behind the bush, holding up his pants with his hands. He tries to catch up. I hold out my hand, but each time he reaches for it he lets go of his pants and they drop to his ankles. He pulls them up, starts running again, but they fall back down, when he reaches for me.

Hubert: Then what happened?

Old Man: Nothing. Grunwalksi... froze to death. Good day."

"Saïd: Canardo. Señor canardo."

"Saïd: Hey, I see skinheads. Fuck Hitler!"

"Vinz: Tom fucks Jerry. Shut up."

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The V.I.P.s, 1963

"Duchess of Brighton: I have two enormous pills to steady me down 
and the two pep-pills I took this morning - the pep-up pills. I'm flying already!"

"Paul Andros: Pay no attention. Drunks cry very easily. It's only the whiskey."

"Frances Andros: I know it is foolishly sentimental to want to sit next 
to the man that you are eloping with."

"Frances Andros: For most of those thirteen years I've loved him. But I don't know him."

"Marc Champselle: You? Why should you be scared of him?
Frances Andros: As a child I was scared of the dark."

"Max Buda: Not that one. That one!
Gloria Gritti: How do you know what is in my hand?
Max Buda: Because I know what is in your head.
Gloria Gritti: So, I have nothing in my head.
Max Buda: Don't quote that."

"Frances Andros: You so much want looking after.
And I so much want to look after you."

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"Frances Andros: That is what I love you for. That I can make fun of you."

"Marc Champselle: 'No' is not a word that I recognise.
Frances Andros: You've recognised it for the past three months." 

"Frances Andros: I love you for what you are. Not what you think you are."





The September Issue, 2009

Off voice:"Anna Wintour's office."

Anna Wintour: "There is something about fashion that can make people really nervous."

Tonne Goodman: "Kate, there's a bit of a crisis. Anna saw the pictures, and she doesn't want Chanel or Hilary. Okay. Bye."

Grace Coddington: "She's killed half of it." 

Anna Wintour: "There is always a way to wear fur. Personally I have it on my back!"


Grace Coddington: "I wonder if Anna would like this one. It's black. That's true. I'd get fired for that."

Grace Coddington: "Don't be too nice, not even to me, because you'll lose. You have to beat your way through." 

Anna Wintour: "Well, this week it has been very cold that's all I can say." 

Grace Coddington:  "And I love to talk money in front of you guys with Anna...  'cause it drives her crazy. It's a sure way to get the budget up."

André Leon Talley: "First of all... Its been a very bleak week so far its been bleak streak over here in America ! You know what ? It's the famine of beauty ! Its the famine of beauty ! The famine of beauty honey ! My eyes are starving for beauty!" 

Anna Wintour: "It's beautiful."

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