The V.I.P.s, 1963

"Duchess of Brighton: I have two enormous pills to steady me down 
and the two pep-pills I took this morning - the pep-up pills. I'm flying already!"

"Paul Andros: Pay no attention. Drunks cry very easily. It's only the whiskey."

"Frances Andros: I know it is foolishly sentimental to want to sit next 
to the man that you are eloping with."

"Frances Andros: For most of those thirteen years I've loved him. But I don't know him."

"Marc Champselle: You? Why should you be scared of him?
Frances Andros: As a child I was scared of the dark."

"Max Buda: Not that one. That one!
Gloria Gritti: How do you know what is in my hand?
Max Buda: Because I know what is in your head.
Gloria Gritti: So, I have nothing in my head.
Max Buda: Don't quote that."

"Frances Andros: You so much want looking after.
And I so much want to look after you."

image via tvcream.co.uk

"Frances Andros: That is what I love you for. That I can make fun of you."

"Marc Champselle: 'No' is not a word that I recognise.
Frances Andros: You've recognised it for the past three months." 

"Frances Andros: I love you for what you are. Not what you think you are."



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