The September Issue, 2009

Off voice:"Anna Wintour's office."

Anna Wintour: "There is something about fashion that can make people really nervous."

Tonne Goodman: "Kate, there's a bit of a crisis. Anna saw the pictures, and she doesn't want Chanel or Hilary. Okay. Bye."

Grace Coddington: "She's killed half of it." 

Anna Wintour: "There is always a way to wear fur. Personally I have it on my back!"


Grace Coddington: "I wonder if Anna would like this one. It's black. That's true. I'd get fired for that."

Grace Coddington: "Don't be too nice, not even to me, because you'll lose. You have to beat your way through." 

Anna Wintour: "Well, this week it has been very cold that's all I can say." 

Grace Coddington:  "And I love to talk money in front of you guys with Anna...  'cause it drives her crazy. It's a sure way to get the budget up."

André Leon Talley: "First of all... Its been a very bleak week so far its been bleak streak over here in America ! You know what ? It's the famine of beauty ! Its the famine of beauty ! The famine of beauty honey ! My eyes are starving for beauty!" 

Anna Wintour: "It's beautiful."

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Metropolitan, 1990

"Nick Smith: The cha cha is no more ridiculous than life itself."

"Fred Neff: Men are dates, date substitutes or potential dates. I find that dehumanizing."

"Nick Smith: Rick Von Slonecker is tall, rich, good looking, stupid, dishonest, 
conceited, a bully, liar, drunk and thief, an egomaniac, and probably psychotic. 
In short, highly attractive to women."

"Charlie Black: I can't believe you don't have a driver's license.
Tom Townsend: Of course I don't. I live in Manhattan."

"Tom Townsend: You don't have to read a book to have an opinion."

"Nick Smith: I've always planned to be a failure anyway, that's why I plan to marry an extremely wealthy woman."


"Jane Clark: Whatever. And, that you're completely impossible and out of control, with some sort of drug problem and a fixation on what you consider Rick Von Sloneker's wickedness. You're a snob, a sexist, totally obnoxious, and tiresome. And lately, you've gotten just weird. Why should we believe anything you say?
Nick Smith: I'm not tiresome."
"Man at Bar: The acid test is whether you take any pleasure in responding to the question "What do you do?" I can't bear it."

"Audrey Rouget: What Jane Austen novels have you read?
Tom Townsend: None. I don't read novels. I prefer good literary criticism. That way you get both the novelists' ideas as well as the critics' thinking. With fiction I can never forget that none of it really happened, that it's all just made up by the author."
"Tom Townsend: I've never been this drunk before. 
The problem is, with Fred no longer drinking, I can't pace myself."

"Nick Smith: Playing strip poker with an exhibitionist somehow takes the challenge away."

"Tom Townsend: He seems less pessimistic than you.
Charlie Black: I know: it doesn't ring true."
"Nick Smith: The most important thing to realize about parents is that there is absolutely nothing you can do about them."

"Serena Slocum: I didn't save your letters but I didn't throw them away.
Tom Townsend: I don't understand, is that a riddle?"
"Cynthia McLean: Is our language so impoverished that we have to use acronyms of French phrases to make ourselves understood?
Nick Smith: Yes."

"Nick Smith: Tom's hardly a phoney. Just mildly deluded. He's a perfectly nice guy.
Charlie Black: That's just another aspect of his phoniness. He's a terrible phoney, and when he's not being a phoney, he's a bastard.
Nick Smith: Oh, come on."

"Nick Smith: I guess you could say it's extremely vulgar, I like it a lot."



Johnny Mad Dog, 2008

"General Never Die: You don’t wanna die; don’t be born"

"Lovelita: How long have you been fighting the war? 
Johnny Mad Dog: I was too small, too small. I start fighting when I was ten. 
Lovelita: What was your name before?
Johnny Mad Dog: I don't know my name." 

"Butterfly: Its is my will that when i die don't bury me. Don't bury me."

"No Good Advice: I can't leave my weapon. My weapon is my mother and father."

"Quick to Kill: "Don't kill the pig, don't kill it."

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Director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire 
interviewed by cinema's great Abel Ferrera via @filmannex

Original release trailer 

Scene 'It is my will' [Swedish titles] 

8 minute mash-up trailer

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