Johnny Mad Dog, 2008

"General Never Die: You don’t wanna die; don’t be born"

"Lovelita: How long have you been fighting the war? 
Johnny Mad Dog: I was too small, too small. I start fighting when I was ten. 
Lovelita: What was your name before?
Johnny Mad Dog: I don't know my name." 

"Butterfly: Its is my will that when i die don't bury me. Don't bury me."

"No Good Advice: I can't leave my weapon. My weapon is my mother and father."

"Quick to Kill: "Don't kill the pig, don't kill it."

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Director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire 
interviewed by cinema's great Abel Ferrera via @filmannex

Original release trailer 

Scene 'It is my will' [Swedish titles] 

8 minute mash-up trailer

Stills by Frédéric Stucin 

@Frédéric Stucin

@Frédéric Stucin

@Frédéric Stucin

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