Charade, 1963

"Alexander Dyle: All right, get set for the story of my life.
Reggie Lampert: Fiction or non-fiction?"

"Peter Joshua: How about making me vice president in charge of cheering you up?"

"Sylvie: It is infuriating that your unhappiness does not turn to fat!"

"Reggie Lampert: So it's goodbye Alexander Dyle and welcome home Peter Joshua.
Adam Canfield: Sorry the name is Adam Canfield.
Reggie Lampert: Adam Canfield? Wonderful! Do you realize you've had three names in the past two days? I don't even know who I'm talking to any more!"

"Tex Panthollow: She batted them pretty little eyes at you, 
and you fell for it like an egg from a tall chicken!"

"Reggie Lampert: You're blocking my view.
Peter Joshua: Ohh... which view would you prefer?
Reggie Lampert: The one you're blocking."

"Inspector Grandpierre: This nose tells me when you are lying.
It is never mistaken, not in 23 years. This nose will make me commisoner."

"Adam Canfield: Heroin, peppermint-flavored heroin."

"Hamilton Bartholomew: Do you know what these things cost over here?"

"Reggie Lampert: Why do people have to tell lies?
Peter Joshua: Usually it's because they want something. 
They are afraid the truth won't get it for them."

"Reggie Lampert: Well, wasn't it Shakespeare that said, "When strangers do meet in far off lands, they should e'er long see each other again"?
Peter Joshua: Shakespeare never said that!
Reggie Lampert: How do you know?
Peter Joshua: It's terrible. You just made it up.
Reggie Lampert: Well, it sounds right..."

"Reggie Lampert: Which one are you?
Peter Joshua: A truthful white-foot.
Reggie Lampert: Come in. Sit down.
Peter Joshua: Why, do you want to look at my feet?
Reggie Lampert: Yes."

"Peter Joshua: Reggie, cut it out.
Reggie Lampert: Okay.
Peter Joshua: Well, now what are you doing?
Reggie Lampert: Cutting it out.
Peter Joshua: Who told you to do that?"

"Reggie Lampert: This is a ludicrous situation. 
I can think of a dozen men who are just longing to use my shower."

"Peter Joshua: Well, here we are.
Reggie Lampert: Where?
Peter Joshua: On the street where you live."

Film stills

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