Fish Tank, 2010

"Live, love and give as good as you get." Tagline


"Mia: What are you looking for?
Billy: A Volvo 940.
Mia: What's it look like?
Billy: Like a Volvo 940.
Mia: Cor! Clever Dick!" 

"Tyler: Don't forget to text me! Say hello to the Welsh for me!"

"Joanne: Get some clothes on, Mia
Mia: I've got some clothes on
Joanne: You're half naked
Mia: You don't normally care
Joanne: Yeah, well I do now so - get dressed."

"Connor: You need sortin' out, you do.
Mia: So you keep sayin' But you're nothing to me. So why should I care what you think?"

image via mubi.com

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