The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, 2009


"I have known Pippa Lee for 25 years and I think that I will really ever know her. She is a mystery... an enigma... giving, caring, beautiful, intelligent... the very icon of an artist's wife."

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"Pippa Lee:  So... it's official, nobody needs me anymore."

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"Sam Shapiro: Writers are vampires. I'm waiting for the right girl to come along and make me a human being."

"Pippa Lee: I didn't mean to offend you.
Chris Nadeau: I suggest that you go back to that little life you've puffed up for yourself. I'm sure you're very happy underneath all that anxiety.
Pippa Lee: You're right. You know, you... you are an asshole.
Chris Nadeau: Told you."

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"Pippa Lee: What made you lose your faith?
Chris Nadeau: I just stopped believing God was a mystery you could nail down with one book."

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image via allmoviephoto.com

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