The Passenger, 1975

"The Girl: Who are you?
David Locke: I used to be someone else, but I traded him in. Uh, what about it?
The Girl: Well, I'm in Barcelona. 
I'm talking with someone who is somebody else."

"David Locke: Now I think I'm going to be a waiter in Gibraltar.
The Girl: Too obvious.
David Locke: Maybe a novelist in Cairo.
The Girl: Too romantic.
David Locke: How about a gunrunner?
The Girl: Too unlikely.
David Locke: As a matter of fact, I think I 'am' one.
The Girl: Then it depends on which side you're on.
David Locke: Yes."

 "The Girl: People disappear every day.
David Locke: Every time they leave the room."

"David Locke: We translate every situation, every experience into the same old codes. We just condition ourselves.
Robertson: We are creatures of habits."


"David Locke: Excuse me. I was trying to remember something.
The Girl: Is it important?
David Locke: No."


"David Locke: I've run out of everything - my wife... the house... an adopted child... a successful job... everything except a few bad habits I could not get rid of."

@image via MGM

"David Locke: What can you see now?
The Girl:  A man scratching his shoulder, a kid throwing stones, and dust. 
It's very dusty here."

"David Locke: My name is Robertson. 
I've been waiting for someone who hasn't arrived.
Man: NiƱos. I've seen so many of them grow up. Other people look at the children and they all imagine a new world. But me, when I watch them, I just see the same old tragedy begin all over again.

@ image via cinemaisdope

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